GMB: These Provisional Figures Prove that the Crown is Between Sarfoa and Setor. Keep Voting.

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TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful has stood the test of time. There is no doubt about the credibility and originality in the works of the Media General’s Beauty Pageant that focuses on culture and our heritage. This year, the contestants were 16, unlike 10 from the previous years. This is because Ghana had 6 additional regions.

Tonight is the grand finale as 10 of these 16 gorgeous ladies have been evicted from the competition through votes and judges’ decisions. The remaining 6 are Sarfoa, Akosua, Wedega, Mfodwo, Manu and Setor. These pretty contestants have held their regions in high esteem and told good stories to the best of their knowledge. However, although all the ladies have done incredible work over the last couple of weeks, it is time to crown just one person from one region as Queen of GMB.

Today, TV3 posted all the 6 contestants on its Facebook page and the likes and comments are raking in. I took a cursory gaze at all the “likes” of the 6 contestants and I present to you the provisional results of who is likely to be crowned the GMB Queen tonight. I will present it in the exact sequence of posting algorithm by TV3- Setor had 748, Manu had 246, Mfodwo had 455, Wedaga had 564, Akosua had 253 and Sarfoa had 850. Note that the likes are still generating and they go into informing who is having more attention, love and votes in the main pageant. 

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