TSC Releases Another List Of Deregistered Teachers Due To Various Discipline Issues

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The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, is a body charged with the duties of managing the teachers workforce in the country. The Commission is responsible for recruitng, promoting, remunerating and disciplining teachers.

The TSC is governed by the Teachers Code of Conduct and Regulations. All these rules and regulations have been stipulated in the TSC Act Constitution.

The TSC has however, been very strict on teachers' discipline issues in order to stem out some rogue employees in the professions. Some teachers engage in illegal activities which are punishable in varied ways.

Some of these activities include; sexual harrasment, sexual assault, love relationship between teacher and learner, chronic absenteeism, chronic alcoholism, insubordination and negligence of duty. However, not all these incidents might lead to deregistration of a teacher.

These cases have involved mostly the young teachers who are new in the profession and who are not able to control their behaviours in school set up. These young teachers have been affected severely and have lost their job due to these improper conducts.

The rate at which is deregistering teachers is alarming, a likely indicator that our society is plunging into moral crisis. Since 2013 hundreds of teachers have lost their jobs through sexual harrasment and sexual relationships with learners which is a worrying trend which needs to be addressed in society.

The TSC has again released another list of deregistered teachers over various issues.

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