Check out beautiful photos of foreign footballers and thier mothers


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Mothers are regarded as deities by many and this is because they sacrifice so much for their children.

Nobody can replace a mother in the lives of her children and that is why mothers are so special

Here are beautiful photos of Top footballers and thier mothers


Jude ighalo is a Nigerian who plays for Manchester United and the picture above is his mother. Amokachi shared a video of himself with Jude Ighalo recently, in the video, Amokachi commended Ighalo for the way he treats his mother and how he makes her feel special. He encouraged him to continue to treat her right because he is doing the right thing. Mothers are special and they deserve to be treated as special people.

2. N'Golo kante & Mum

Kante, the man of the moment is currently with the 2021 UEFA champions league winners Chelsea but he hails from France above is a picture of Kante and his mum.

3.Romelu Lukaku & his Mum

Romelu Lukaku spoke about how hard it was at a point in his life but his mother tried her best to make sure that he and his brother do not lack. He said he still knew they were broke but he appreciated her gesture and promised her to work hard so they would never be broke in the future. His mum was the reason behind his strive for success. The photo above is Lukaku and his mom

4.Ansu Fati & Mum

According to Ansu Fati, He said his mum has helped him stay grounded even though he has become popular this is another thing that makes motherhood special.

5. Lionel Messi & Mum

The Argentine and Barcelona player shows how he loves his mother in this photo

6 Neymar & Mum