Confusion As Out Of Over 50 Million Kenyans Only 60,000 Have Picked Their Huduma Number Cards


After the registration of huduma cards across the country, government officials have revealed that the number of people that have collected their cards is very low as out of millions of Kenyans only 60,000 cards have been collected. The government has urged chiefs and assistant chiefs to track down individuals that haven't collected their cards.

The central regional Commissioner has directed assistant chiefs who will collect the cards from the civil registration offices and deliver the cards to their owners.

It's stated that most individuals who registered for the cards could be youths who applied for loans during the coronavirus pandemic and got new lines through the process. Adding that they have been unable to reach most people after they changed their numbers.

The commissioner further urged those that might have changed their numbers to urgently visit their assistant chiefs and get their huduma cards.

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