University Students Dealt A Big Blow As Government Plans To Do Away With Certain Courses

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The government is intending to do away with certain courses undertaken by students on various tertiary learning institutions for what they described as not vital in bringing development to the country.

The proposal if implemented will also affect private Universities and Collages across the country. The reforms have been initiated by the Universities Vice Chancellors and the University Fund(UF) established to source Universities with funds in the country.

In the proposed reforms, students will only be granted with government sponsorship on different prescribed courses.

The reforms for instance insinuates that those that apply for scientific, agricultural and technological courses shall be funded by the government but on a condition that they study the named courses.

The document purports that, "Universities should be categorised in major thematic areas such as universities of science and technology, research, sports and creative arts, and generalised universities".

The proposals are also expected to benefit persons with disabilities as said by Milton Njuki who is the Universities Funding Chief Executive Officer.

The Vice Chancellors further claimed that the government may give sponsorships to those students it can comfortably support.

Speaking with KTN News journalists, Geoffrey Muluvi who is the Vice Chancellors Committee chairman added that the move comes after Universities managers decried a decrease in funding over the recent past.

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