We Should Be Fighting Against The System, But It Shouldn't Be Among Ourselves - Lydia Forson


A media personality, gender Activist, writer, and award-winning actress, Lydia Forson has urged Ghanaians to stop fighting amongst themselves but rather fight against the system we are suffering from in Ghana.

The outspoken media personality resorted to her Twitter page to communicate to all and sundry to stand united despite our differences to strive to fix our country.

"The fight shouldn’t be amongst us but, it should be against the system we are suffering.

We can agree to disagree on many issues, but when it comes to this country and its development, our voices should always be united in agreement to Fix it." - she tweeted

She added that there are so many ways to make a difference; some people do it through music, movies, poetry, books, and so on, but we should make a difference in ways we know how or feel comfortable doing. it’s all about making our voices heard.

Check out her tweet below;

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