"This Will Break More Marriages" Netizens React To Betty Kyalo's New TV Show

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After a long time away from the screens, Betty Kyalo has made a come back with a new show. The TV girl who enjoys being on TV will be hosting a cooking show on Honey Africa TV. In the show, a man will taste food cooked by the wife and the mother and decide which tastes better.

"You should be here on my new show @honeyafricatv on DSTv Channel 173. We are looking for Mums and their daughters in Law to come cook together and have the man that binds them decide which meal is the most delicious! It's a really exciting show!....," Betty Kyalo posted.

This is an amazing competition show but the results won't be quite amazing according to what Kenyans had to say in the comment section. "This is a good thing but I don't know why I think it will be the cause of trouble for relationship you can't just tell a man to choose between his mum and wife, it's hard both are special to him it will strain relationship," Elsie Mamake Tasha added. One Francis Nyox Kimui was of the opinion that the men will pick the wife's dish as the best and explain to the mother later why he did that since it's easier explaining to the mother than the wife. "Definitely the wives will be the winners, reason being it's easier explaining to a mother who wants to see you happily married why you didn't choose her food despite her knowing how you like your food for many years than the wife have known you just to safe a marriage but deep down the mother and the son knows the truth....it's mother and son strong bond secret,"Francis Nyox Kimui added.

It's a very difficult moment for a husband to have to show his preference for either the mom or the wife when it comes to food or any other comparison. It's a very tight spot for a man. All the best to Betty Kyalo's show all the same.

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