"My Parents And My Church Pastors Can't Control Me Anymore" - Girl Goes Wild In Free Show Video


A girl sends a message to her parents and church pastors as she goes wild in a free show video. It sounded like a pre-warning to those who will see her video and complain as to whether she has responsible parents or attends any church at all. In the video this lady said;

"My parents and my church pastors can't control me anymore and this is a warning to you who will see my video and start to call me names. I am uncontrollable at this age and no one can do anything to stop me from giving this to my fans, you can watch if you want and can pass if you don't want it".

According to her, she is a very cool and God fearing girl but just love to do free show videos at her free times. She did not disclose her name nor where she was speaking from in the video. From the look of things, she has passed "be careful" now and she thinks not even her parents or pastors can stop her.

In her yellow bikini she was modeling and speaking at the same time in the video. The is where we have gotten to in the world now.

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