10 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Second Hand Car in Kenya


Buying a car is an exciting experience. Many wish to buy a brand new one but few only manage to do so. So those with dreams to own a car will opt for second hand cars locally or from abroad. Therefore you should follow the following factors.

1.Your budget

It is very important factor when it comes to buying of a car. Buy at a reasonable and comfortable price. It is important to visit various car dealers and car bazaars to compare prices and make the decision. You can also check the prices online. It is advisable to bargain depending on age and condition of the car. If you have good negotiating skills you will buy at low price.

2.Availability of spare parts

It will be less stressful if your car spare parts are easily available within the local shops or garage. Toyota is easily available across Kenya. It is also easy to maintain. The prices are good and affordable and finally very durable

3.Does the car meet your Needs?

Choose a car according to your intended purpose. It can either be for business or leisure. This is important in determining engine power and interior space. An efficient engine consumes less fuel and required in business cars because of heavy loads. Therefore match your purchase with your needs .

4.Check reviews of the car

Look at the models. Do not buy obsolete vehicle which you will regret getting spare parts. Buy latest models about 6 years utmost. Check the reviews online or car dealers websites.

5.Take the car for a test drives

Take the car with some one you know to give you confidence and act as a witness. If you are not expert ensure that your friend is or pay an expert to accompany you. They will assist you in checking interior, body work, engine and its manual power. Check the seats if they are comfortable enough or adjustable or the space is enough for your cargo .

6.Have a car insurance policy

According to traffic laws act, it is a must to get your car insured by insurance company. The best car insurance policy is third party car insurance coverage. It is cheaper compared to others, it is easy to process, purchase and renewal and also offers legal cover and protect you financially when you cause damage to third party. You can also purchase other insurance coverage plans such as;Comprehensive car insurance and third party fire and theft depending on your budget and car insurance needs .

7.Check the details of the paper work.

It is important to check the sell agreement documents. Verify if it is genuine or stolen. It will be critical if you know the previous owner well. Conduct online search and verifying information on the log book. The car dealer will help you access vehicle history report, which will indicate if the car has a car ownership saga.

8.Inspect the car.

Please contact a trusted mechanic to accompany you. He or she will inspect a car tire pressure and alignment and also routine break. It is worth to check any signs of tampering or worn out screws. Inspect the mileage, number, bonnet and age of the car. This are five important areas the mechanic will check;Exterior parts of the car, tires, Interior parts, engine and transmission, steering and suspension .

9.Get the documents and make payments

It is advisable to follow the right process when acquiring the documents and making payments of the car. Initiate online log book transfer and also sales agreement contract.

10.Is it imported or locally used?

Imported second hand vehicle is affordable although you wait for a long period of time in order to be cleared through ports. For local one check the its history whether repaired, involved in accident or stolen.

With above information I believe you are going to make best decision when it comes to purchasing of your ideal car. Please follow my page for more updates.

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