Skeemsaam: Viewers react to the episode

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-And he only has R100k...that money will be finished very soon. 🕯For Kgosi to get carried away and get in trouble with lehasa. That money is not good who ever comes across it they loose their minds nje.

-Yoh these teachers are really scared of Batista man...they all ran like naughty little kids when she entered the room. Magongwa is a crook, mara this time around he's right. Principal Thobakgale is a bully!!

-People are getting scammed this days, hope you guys are learning something because scams come in many ways and forms 🤣🤣🤣 ku bird stru.

- Zamokuhle reminds me of those assistant teachers from TUT who would come for practicals at school. These people know how to make the class fun😭😭😭😭Until they join the system and then they are captured by old teachers with their attitude and beliefs.

Shout out to MaU for giving us such a good show in the past few weeks.

Entertainment, humour & always giving us something to talk about the next day.

She really killed it💯👌❤ 🔥

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