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Becoming a likeable person does not mean that you have to pretend to be someone that you are not, it simply mean that have you an aura that is likeable based on how you react with people. Being likeable doesn't mean that you have to have a certain personality or physical attributes or the way dress. You should not go over the top so that people can like you, because it is going to backfire and people will think that you are insecure or have low self-esteem. For people to like you should be the authentic you but with good communication skills or a positive energy around you. Below are easy ways of becoming more likeable.

1. Ask Questions

It is important for to ask questions to the other person and try to know them. This will make them comfortable around you and they actually end up liking you. But that doesn't mean that you should go and start asking very personal questions, since they are going to put off guard by it and they may end up avoiding you. Ask questions that they will be happily to answer them and not feel uncomfortable at all, try to maintain an eye contact so that you can or they can recognize you once you meet again. Questions are part of getting to know someone.

2. Give out compliments

It is always good to give out compliments if you are looking to become a more likeable person. And avoid over doing it, because people are going to think that you are a creep. Sometimes you may find yourself giving a compliment to someone that has not have one in a long time and you end up brightening their day and you also become more likeable to that person. Sometimes people feel safe with someone who will start a conversation with a greeting then a compliment rather than someone who will go straight to the point of the intended conversation.

3. Listen

One of the most important traits of you becoming more likeable is listening. There people who need someone that is going to listen to them and not give them advice on what they should do, because they might feel like you don't understand them fully. It very good to listen to other person without trying to over talk them or chip in you opinion, it make you seem calm and therefore you become more like. Remember for a conversation to effective there must someone that is listening and the other one doing the talking that it is needed.

4. Smile

Sometimes we find ourselves being attracted or liking people that smile more than the way they look physically. Remember to always smile if you are looking to become likable, because you are going to lure people on with just a simple smile. Also smiling often no matter the circumstances is going to put you on better mood individually and also the people around. It does not hurt to smile and it is going to heal and be more likeable to the people around you. Also when you smile you become more approachable to people that sees you.

5. Minimize complain

It is in our nature as humans to complain but too much of it is poisonous. When you want to a likeable person the first thing is minimize complain, I know there are people who will start a conversation with the other person maybe by complaining about the government. Restrain yourself from complaining, since people are going to see you as negative person that they don't need in their life. It good to have a positive attitude, since it is going to drawn people into liking you.

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