Dear Women, This Is Why Men Lose Interest After The First Instance Of Intimacy-Opinion


As a woman, you might have wondered why men lose interest in you immediately after your first intimacy encounter. Such situations could be caused by various factors. The society will blame the man upon walking away and will be soft when a woman does so. I think this is not fair to our males. A breakup should have everyone to blame as it should arise from mutual agreement. As a woman, this is why your man will walk away and leave you after a first encounter.

Maybe the man may have been displeased by your hygiene or tidiness. Once you cleanliness is compromising then a man will never like to hung around you. Before inviting a man over, ensure you have everything put into place. The first impression is very important.

The other reason is the mode in which he finds his way through you. No one will like a cheap woman. When he gets you easily it means that any other man could do so. Such behavior make men feel insecure. Make and play hard to get as a lady. Let him sweat getting you. With this, he will hang around forever. He wilk hung around you forever as getting you was worth a fortune.

The other common and known reason is not knowing the intentions of the man. Don't give yourself easily to a man. Know whether his intentions are clear to date or for fun. With that, it will be healthy to move in. If he is after your body, cut him off. You deserve better as a woman. Don't allow desperation to make you vulnerable.

Most men are after having your honey pot then walking away. Don't give it out easily. Make it very hard to hit. With this, the young jokers will keep off from you. All you need is to protect yourself. When you can't do that then a man will use you on the first date then walk away. You are also meant to feel special. To feel loved. To be smiled at and to be treasured. You are the prize. Don't give in to jokers.


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