17-Year-Old Female Student Shares Story Of How She Slept With Her Teacher And Did Two Abortions

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Female students in our Senior High Schools have romantic affairs and relationships with their teachers all the time in Ghana. It's not a new trend.

Not much has been done to control the situation. If you had the opportunity to attend Senior High School, there's a high probability that you heard or even suspected a sneaky relationship between a teacher and a student.

A story spotted on social media revealed an SHS 2 female student of 17 years old has been in a secret romantic relationship with her teacher and as a result, committed 2 abortions with the teacher but she's currently contemplating suicide because the teacher is about to be transferred to a different school.

According to the story, the relationship between the lady and her has been going on for a year and already they've recorded two terminations of pregnancies.

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