Good News to Teachers On Wednesday Morning As Ministry Announces The Curriculum Review


The government is determined to make sure that the students become what they want to be in future.The outgoing education system has been accused of promoting the rote knowledge instead of equipping the learners with the prerequisite skills that can help them in future.It emphasises on exams such that once a student fails,he or she is viewed as a failure in the society.

The parents have been crying about the expenses in the new CBC curriculum.The costs of the textbooks coupled with the requirements in classes for successful lessons have brought a public concern.Yesterday,Education CS directed all the primary schools to used projectors instead of the printed materials which are proving to be expensive for the parents.

Some experts have warned against rushing to implement the curriculum citing the long-term effects.Others have also threatened to go to court for it to be stopped.This has now seen the ministry of education bowing to pressure.CS Magoha has now revealed that the curriculum will be reviewed next year.This is a big relief to teachers who are overburdened with the workloads.They are also seen as making the implementation process complicated with the tasks that they give the learners.If this will relieve them,then the ministry should move with speed to even remove some tasks or review the subjects.


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