[Wicked Generation]: 38-years-old man kill wife in a cold blood - Kwadwo Dickson reveals.


The weekend is here again and Kwadwo Dickson lament bitterly over insufficient time in other to go deeper into various stories which Ghanaians and viewers and listeners of Angel TV could understand. It was sad atmosphere this afternoon on Angel TV as they broadcast their noon news dubbed Orgasm news.

The news comprises a lot of headlines but we bring before the sudden death of a woman who was murdered by his own Husband all because of TV remote and few Amount of Money.

Before we go deeper, take a look at the Murderer husband below.

It was revealed that the man is a driver but money give chopmoney. The wife with her little gathering will prepare for him to eat and eat again when night falls.

The man always ask the woman for money and sometimes the woman will give him. However, the woman refused his offer of few Amount of money and the man became furious leading to the killing of the woman.

"HE ASK for 20naira from the wife and the wife gave him references of various amount he took from her without returning them. The wife went to the hall to watch television but name strongly took the TV remote from the woman and lashed the woman with his belt hook on the point that the woman refuse to give him the money he asked for. She targeted the neck of the woman and hit her hard with his belt hook and suddenly the woman pass away in Nigeria". - Kwadwo Dickson report with saddnes

This is indeed a wicked Generations. How can this happen if not of wickedness and evil minded.

Currently the police in Nigeria have arrested the 38 years old man who killed his wife in a cold blood in Nigeria. The name is call Christopher with another Nigeria name.

Use the link to watch for more details on Angel TV


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