Declare These Thanksgiving Prayers To The King Of Kings.

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Praise the Almighty God for the grace of making it to the last working week of the month.

As we set out this last week of the month, the grace of God shall be overwhelming upon us for us to glorify God all the time.

His enduring mercy shall make manifest in our lives and families, and His power shall work out wonders in our lives to cause us to glorify His name.

PSALMS 105:1. O give thanks to the Lord; call upon His name: make known His deeds among the people.

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The Lord shall always show us His mercy and empower us to enjoy His newness all the remaining days of our lives, and we shall continue to thank Him all the days.

He shall make this year unforgettable for us and cause His abiding presence to always accompany us in Jesus' name.

Say these prayers seriously now.

1. Bless the King of kings and Lord of lords for His enduring mercy over you all the time.

2. Confess your sin and ask God for forgiveness.

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3. Thank God for sparing your life to witness the breaking of yet another glorious day, a day of abundant grace for outstanding success and victory over every challenge of life.

4. Bless the everlasting Father for not allowing any evil to befall you, including the scourge of the pandemic that has tormented the whole earth.

5. Appreciate God for His abiding presence in and around you that has enabled you to still be alive, even to this day, despite the numerous challenges of life manifesting menacingly across the world.

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6. Glorify the name of the Lord, for He has not yet finished with you, and that is why your victory is ever sure and certain over whatever afflictions and pestilence that ravages the whole world.

7. Let the joy of the Lord always fill your life each time you receive the grace of God to make it to a new day with the newness of His glory in your life and His mercy standing for you in all situations.

8. Thank God for the salvation of your soul and always commit your ways to the hands of God.

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9. Magnify the Lord for His plans for you and your destiny and worship the Lord because He will be merciful to see you through, gloriously to your land and location of destiny fulfillment for uncommon fruitfulness.

10. Father, I thank You for victory over every form of barrenness and labor loss, such that might have been overwhelming in my life, and which might have caused me any displeasure, sorrow, and despair.

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