Why Some People Prefer Taking Their Children to Daycare to Hiring a House Help

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A house help is someone you employ to help you manage your house especially when you are not around. They help you take care of your children, do laundry duties, cook and many more house chores. There are usually two types of house helps. There one that comes and stays in your house through and one that only comes during the day when you are away.

There has been some cases of house helps doing actions that are against the law. Some have been reported to have kidnapped their bosses's child, stolen from them, using awkward means to make children sleep and many more.

According to the information published on Galfa Kenya Facebook page, a girl by the name Gladys Naliaka is wanted girl after she stabbed two sons of her boss, Mama Maina. The 24 year old house girl is on the and has left her boss crying for justice as her two sons fighting for their lives.

These such like acts is what made some people prefer using relatives as house girls or take their children to daycare. Some of resign from their jobs so to take good care of their children.

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