Top 7 Ghanaian female celebrities who are single parent


A portion of these famous people were once hitched or in a relationship yet for certain reasons they dumped their connections—and took off alongside them their children. 

Being a 'conceived one or conceived two' in a commonplace African culture is fairly an obstruction to discovering a man who might be not kidding with you. Obviously you would effortlessly discover somebody who needs to hit the TONGA yet to settle down with you close by your 'stuff', you should truly be great. 

Maybe, this is the motivation behind why the underneath Ghanaian famous people are as yet battling to find that 'will remain' man. 

Presently let the SINGLE moms yell Hallelujah as we take a gander at our 9 Ghanaian female VIPs with kids however ain't with the dad of the children… 

1. Jackie Appiah 

Jackie Appiah 

Star entertainer Jackie Appiah's kid Damien was not conceived illegitimately yet the breakdown of her union with Peter Agyeman has made her a single parent—shuffling her acting profession with parenthood. 

She appears to have done well as her vocation has not actually endured. We think about when you can manage the cost of a Nanny or pay loved ones to help, it certainly doesn't make any difference on the off chance that you are a solitary parent or not… 

2. Joselyn Dumas 

Joselyn Dumas 

With regards to Joselyn Dumas and her girl, the story is somewhat unique. Some case she had her kid while not wedded however the entertainer is known for saying, she was once hitched and that was the point at which she had her youngster. 

Dissimilar to Jackie Appiah who had her youngster while in the spotlight, Joselyn Dumas came into showbiz as a mother—a circumstance she has impeccably overseen. 

She has attempted to get her girl far from the cameras yet trust the media to incidentally bring her out. 

3. Juliet Ibrahim 

Juliet Ibrahim 

We were here to see entertainer Juliet Ibrahim get hitched, have a child and afterward getting divorce—all inside a space of under 5 years. 

The breakdown of her marriage exactly couple of years prior has made her a single parent. We are revealed to Juliet Ibrahim's child invests a ton of energy with Juliet's mom and in that capacity, the entertainer's vocation stands unaffected by her single parent status. 

In any case, in the 'men office', she is by all accounts running in a tight spot; a circumstance some fault on being a single parent. 

4. Nana Aba Anamoah 

Nana Aba Anamoah 

With regards to Nana Aba Anamoah, she has a boring tale behind being a single parent. As indicated by the TV character, she got pregnant as a youngster and however early termination was the sensible choice at that point, she chose to decide on being a teen mother. 

Today, she is a pleased single parent—so she asserts. She went through certain years dating the CEO of Unique Trust-Prince Kofi Amoateng until Ghanaian performer Mzbel purportedly dominated. 

5. Afia Schwarzenegger 

Afia Schwarzenegger 

Afia Schwarzenegger is a single parent whose kids (twin) are for the most part dealt with by her mom when she is grinding away or when on her very own skip—intensely drinking and smoking. 

Afia claims she was once hitched in South Africa and her kids were conceived out of the marriage. Others have said, the two kids were conceived out of 'prostitution', a claim Afia Schwarzenegger has not actually denied 

6. Nana Ekua Amoah (Mzbel) 


Two years prior Mzbel stood out as truly newsworthy as many pondered who the dad of her child, a charming infant she named-Aaron is… 

As per distributions by GhanaCelebrities.Com, the CEO of Unique Trust-Prince Kofi Amoateng is a nearby caring contender for Mzbel's child—on the grounds that the youngster was considered when the two were dating. 

Mzbel has neglected to transparently make reference to the name of her child's dad—and the above 'suspected' individual has never remarked on this. 

7. Tiffany Hayden (Itz Tiffany) 

Itz Tiffany 

Ghanaian artist Itz Tiffany and her infant father were in the news nearly couple of months prior—yet they were not fighting over kid backing or anything, rather over spilled 'seks' tapes of the rapper. 

Despite the fact that Itz Tiffany is our superstar single parent, her kid is at present with the dad whose guardians were conceded full care by a UK Court approximately couple of years prior.