We will defeat you over and over GFA to South Africa.

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The Ghana Football Association GFA has responded to the claims of match manipulation by SAFA, South African Football Association. The Ghana national team defeated South Africa's Bafana Bafana with a beautiful penalty strike from the captain Andre Dede Ayew.

However, the whole of South Africa's football base has refused to accept defeat, as the seem to debunk the officials decision. They have circulate all over social media that it was never a penalty, although a Ghana defender (Daniel Amartey) was pulled down from the resulting corner kick. SAFA has also sent an official letter to FIFA requesting that they will investigate the match and allow a reply. Things could not get more interesting after GFA also released their official statement regarding allegations SAFA has made on them. From the GFA's point of view Ghana doesn't need to manipulate the game to defeat South Africa. Since they have quite a number of quality footballer and they hold an impressive record in the World Cup as an African nation. South Africa shouldn't forget that this was the same Ghanaian national team that destroyed their hopes of qualifying for the upcoming AFCON. Hence this isn't the first time they've lost to Ghana and probably this won't be the last time.

The official made the right call, it was a clear penalty.This was a fair win for us, we fought for it and we earned it. Therefore refuse to give ear to SAFA about match fixing allegations - Ghana Football Association.

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