Beautiful photos of Sultana actress on set vs in real life

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Mwanaasha Johari is one beautiful actress. Currently she plays as Sultana; a blind girl in the ongoing sultana series on citizen Tv. She is actually the main protagonist of the series. If you have watched her you will be amazed at how well she plays her role. Check out some links to the video of her on the set of Sultana.

Those who have seen her dressing code both on set and in real life away from the set will agree with me that she looks totally different. For the sake of those who have not had the chance to see her on both times, I have sampled photos of her on both times. Have a look at them and tell me what you feel.

1.Her role as Sultana.

2. Her in real life.

What is your opinion of Mwanaasha Johari and her role as sultana. Can you perceive how different she is from her role? Please share your views concerning this article 🙏❤️. Kindly follow me for more exciting articles.

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