The Church Is Not Responsible For The Hardship In Nigeria; Stop Criticizing Bishop Oyedepo


Believers do not know how much their attitudes some times annoys God. This days you will find scenarios where certain believers who call themselves Christians attack the shepherds for having do much money. If the pastors buys a car, builds or begins any project, they will all begin to complain.

The most awful one is when a child of God even criticise men of God for building churches. There's never a place in the bible where God said that the churches money is for the poor in the street. If some churches comes out to tell you how much they spend on the poor and less privileged, you will be shocked. However, some onlookers are always there to criticise.

God's servant, Bishop David Oyedepo just started building another auditorium and many believers are against it. This is not how it should be because the church of God must move forward. If the church has grown for such expansion, then it's foolishness for people to criticise the man of God for building another auditorium.

The general public should stop blaming the church for the poverty of Nigerians and blame the government. There was never a place in the bible where the church was seen to be building roads, factories and industries to employ unbelievers. Whether you like it or not, the church is not the solution to the problem of poverty, insecurity and hardship. Pur leaders are the ones responsible because they have access to all the revenues.

Before you criticise the church or any man of God, note the following;

1. The Church's tithe does not belong to the government (Malachi 3)

2. The money generated from the church members are meant for the growth of the Church, upkeep of the church pastor and the poor in the church.

3. The church is not the solution to national hardship: This is because the Bible says, when the wicked is on the throne, the people perish.