Tips On How To Act On A first Date


The first date is crucial coz it will determine whether you will get to keep your date in the long term or not.

What are this things that you should do to promise you a second date atleast? If you get a second date chances that you will graduate from just dating to bigger things are greater.

Dos on a first date.

Keep time; For the guy arrive in time that is slightly early this gives you time to compose, calm your nerves also it gives you time to reherse on what you will do. Ladies should arrive on time, it is never a good manners to keep your date waiting for hour. If you will be running late inform your date and give valid truthful reasons.

Always greet your date and introduce yourself;

The greetings should be very warm but not erotic a simple hug will do. A warm greeting and a smile will set the mood of the entire date and will highly determine how long the date will last. A warm happy mood makes the other person comfortable and is likely to open up a little more this will make the two of you have alot to talk about hence the date will last longer. You might have had an encounter before maybe you have been chatting online or you quickly mate in a PSV, because of the nervousness chances that he or she might have forgotten your name are high.

Complement the other person;

Simply tell the other person you look smart and beautiful, always like something it could be the height, eyes or even hair.

Give permission to the person who called the date to order on your behalf;

Mostly men call the dates and iam a strong believer in whoever called for the date pays the bill. On your first date you may not know the financial power of the other so give them the chance to order for what they can pay for.It is not only to allow them spend within their limits but also it is romantic.

Allow the other person to talk; On a first date you simply introducing yourselves it is good to engage the other date in a conversation so they don't feel our of place and gives the opportunity to know the other person as well.

Talk about general things about yourself; It is not advisable to talk about your personal things on you first date like it is not necessary to talk about your ex boyfriends and the kind of damage they did to you or talk about your friends or family members. Do not ask your date too personal questions it will make them feel uncomfortable. Talk about general things to leave suspense for the next date.

If you have been given opportunity to order for yourself order simple foods to avoid emberassment; Order food you are familiar with, there are cases a date goes for a fansy name on the menu but when the order arrives they realize it is not edible to them.Order food that is less spicy, spicy food can lead to stomach upset or it can make the body fluids(tears and mucus) to roll out it is disgusting to eat at the same time blowing your nose and wiping tears. Keep pasta superghetti out of the first date because of the pulling. Eat some substancial amount of your food but do not completely finish your plate it is a loyalty behaviour they say.

Have a very strong physical image; Dress at your best on a first date, for the lady wear your best make up generally look well groomed. On a first date your date is likely to remember your physical appearance more than anything else.

Be patient and kind to the waiters; shouting at the waiters or belittling means you don't have respect for humanity and it is a put off.

Go for a first date at a public place to prevent alot of intimacy and also for security reasons.

At the end of the date remember to thank your date and promise to keep contact even when the date dint impress and you have no intentions of having a second date. Do not insult, ask the date to pay for the food or show regrets for the date.