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Ears bothering you!

There are two spiritual causes for this and whistlers spirits are often the reason.but other people are bothered by ears because of spiritual husband that is attached to you blows your ears.

I consulted with healer recently and I told him about his ears and the reason was isilwane blowing his ears. He confirmed that they bother him a lot and the night of the cleansing confirmed that for the first time in a long time at night the ears did not bother him and he slept peacefully. 

A lot of people are bothered by ears and don't always think it's whistlers spirit as sometimes it's because of bad spirit that are linked to you. During consultation I tell people the reason and sometimes it is because of both and isilwane is surpressing your whistlers spirit.

Whistlers spirits don't stop till you give them their herb and with those who have cleansed they don't immediately stop after the cleansing till you do what they want. So they immediately stop because spitlritual partner that you were linked with is removed. These are one of the signs of successful distance cleansing.

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