Abena Korkor Will Commit Suicide If We Don't Take Care - Eagle Prophet Drops Prophecy

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Prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyebi, popularly known as Eagle Prophet, has revealed that Abena Korkor, will commit suicide if Ghanaians don't take proper care of her.

In a interview shared by Ghanapage on their official Facebook page, Eagle prophet said that Abena Korkor is a nice beautiful girl. She is talented and a gift to the nation.The prophet revealed that Abena Korkor has even worked on one of the strongest national televisions before.

I am telling you how intelligent the lady is and how far she could have be, but the devil is messing up with her life and people think that it is a joke. People take it as a trend. People take it that she just want to trend. The prophet said.

Although she says she is suffering from bipolar, but there is a spiritual forces at work in her condition since it is not normal for a even a prostitute to reveal the number of men she has slept with. The prophet said.

He revealed that whatever Abena Korkor is doing, it is a spirit which is fighting against her. Eagle Prophet added that the spirit started hurting her from her childhood.

When asked whether the evil spirit disturbing Abena Korkor is from her family or other celebrities, he said that the spirit is from her family but other celebrities have joined in.

Eagle Prophet said that he will try to get in touch with Abena Korkor when he goes to Accra so that together with other prophets they can deliver her from the spirit. He warned that if that is not done and the nation take it as normal, she will end up commiting suicide.

You may watch the video by clicking on the blue link.

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