Ruto's Ally Decries High Taxes Imposed ARVs Drug Donors By Uhuru's Government


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Kenya among the countries hit hard by the acute shortage of the antiretroviral drugs.

People living with HIV and Aids now have to do with reduced dosses.

The report came months after the World Health Organization warned that some countries across the globe may be faced with a shortage of ARVs.

Experts had earlier speculated that as Corona came knocking, it interfered with the supplies of the ARVs.

ARVs supplies and major Aids forums across the countries were mostly funded by donors who have now reduced.

HIV and Aids patients across Kenya have been exposed to more suffering following the above updates.

Embattled Jubilee nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has cited that Aids victims are suffering following the acute shortage of the antiretroviral drugs in Kenya. However, thousand of doses of these drugs have been stuck at the coast as donors fail to meet the Kshs 90M tax slapped on them by the Kenya Revenue Authority.

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What do you think about this inhumane act by the government?


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