OPINION| Every day there is a new story about the new variant as they still need to understand it

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The Omicron coronavirus variant, identified in South Africa, could be the most likely candidate to displace the highly contagious Delta variant, says the director of the National Institute for Communicable Diseases ~ NEWS24

Why does news 24 repeat the same non-information ad nauseam? Wait two weeks and then report what the scientists actually discover which will be of interest. And it was not brave of us to alert the rest of the world. We should have done what the Netherlands did and come second in that race, that would have been cleverer only if there is a virus indeed, but my mind tells me there is non but someone is pushing his agenda. Even imaginary 40 mil eventually we found out it's just an imaginary number, could the reason behind the mutation of the virus be people who didn't vaccinate, someone please educate me. The government can't develop ways to generate electricity but can sniff out a new variant, of a new virus what kind of scientists do we haveThere are new viruses invented by the government to kill people than to give them jobs to survive. It's like a new variant is sprayed and we catch itwhen is the next one? You can catch it even if you vaccinated but symptoms are milder. Now they say it is replacing the Delta variant, as if it's something good like seriously the omicron likely candidate to outcompete Delta, is it a league of some sort? First you hear it has mild symptoms, my specialist told me today that our hospital does not have one covid patient. What happened to the beta variant, did it vanish, which proves that there is an agenda that is pushed people are being killed. This variant name sounds like a robot machine in transformers movies how do they come up with these names anyway? Next thing we'll be having a dicepticon or cybertron variant. Everyday there's a new story about this variant, nobody really knows anything about it it's like Mams John Wick, we just see his actions not the actual person


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