Lukaku: The Chelsea Star That Speaks Ten (10) Different Languages

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Understanding different languages is a hard thing for some people but a simple thing for some other set of people across the world. People who studied linguistic are known to be synonymous with this quality, Nevertheless, Romelu Lukaku is the Chelsea star who didn't go to school to study Linguistic but understands ten different languages.

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Lukaku started his career in his home country, Belgium with Rupel Boom before moving to KFC Wintam, then Lierse and joining Anderlecht in 2009. A reminder that he joined Chelsea for the first time in 2011 before moving across clubs like West Bromwich, Everton, Manchester United, Inter and rejoining Chelsea in the last transfer window. So the 28-year-old while moving across those clubs is believed to have learned those languages from the different people who came from another background.

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Meanwhile, Chelsea's first team is mixed with players from virtually every part of the world as they have players from Africa, Europe, South America, and North America. Due to the nature of the club, they can sign players through the help of scouts from any part of the world as long the player is talented and meet up with their requirements.

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Abramovich, the London club owner has sometimes said in the past that Chelsea is a community, not just a club because the club also serves as a center of attraction to the neighborhood and the British capital at large. It's important to know that Chelsea also consists of the female football team and the grassroots team for both genders.

However, as gathered from Chelsea News, here are the ten languages that Lukaku can speak:

1. English 

2. Spanish 

3. German 

4. French 

5. Dutch 

6. Portuguese 

7. Italian 

8. Swahili 

9. Lingala

10. Flemish 

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More so, the advantage of speaking these different languages by Lukaku will help him to communicate properly with almost every player and staff in Chelsea which will facilitate a bond creation.

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