Opinion: Five Indicators That Someone is Spying on you Through Your Phone


It is very important to always pay attention to any notification or indicator sent by your phone. These notification are so helpful and can enable you to know if your phone is in good condition or there is someone monitoring you. Right now cases of people being monitored or tracked using their phones have become so common. This being the case it is wise to take precaution and make sure your phone is safe from any track.Anytime someone is monitoring you through your phone, that phone will always give you some indications which you can realize if you are cautious. There are several indicators that can enable you to know that there is someone monitoring your phone.

The first thing, you my come to note that some of your messages either on email, what app or facebook have been read yet you haven't opened those apps. This is a clear indicator that there is someone who is reading your messages using another phone.

Secondly, you may realize that some of the common apps don't even recognize you. Such that you have to keep logging in each and everytime you need to use them. Let say you have been using your Facebook which is logged in your phone and you never logged out then after few minutes you realize that you have to log in again. This means that there is someone else accessing that accept.

Another thing is that your apps may start to stop, this is because they are being overloaded with so mach cache. Anytime you are using any app, it has to store cache which you should keep on clearing. If you notice that an app is having a lot of have then it means someone else may be accessing it.

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