TrikyTee gets employment from man who promised Erica car and money.

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Chidi Mike a Nigerian car dealer who some few days ago promised Erica a sum of 2 million Nigerian currency and a car has also seen Tricky Tee. According to reports, Erica rejected the car and sum of money he granted her. And this made Tricky Tee to find grace in the sight of this rich man.

They had live discussion on his verified social media Handle and he discussed business with Tricky Tee. He talked about endorsing the evicted house mate . He also noted the fact that he want Tricky Tee to work for him.

Tricky Tee on the other hand, accepted it and immediately, he was employed by his new boss. He also gave Tricky Tee the sum of 250k or two hundred and fifty thousand Nigerian currency ro enjoy himself.

Tricky Tee has always been a lucky child he is full of grace. He was not supposed to stay that long in the house but stronger housemate left before him. He is the oldest in this set and luck has always been shinning on his part.

If it was that Erica had accepted the Valuables Chidi Mike had given her I tell you, Tricky Tee would not be remembered by this man.

Tricky Tee had openly said that he want to bless his mum who had always got his back. Despite he was increasing in age, Trickys mum has always been there for him.

Now that he has gotten employment from this rich man, his mum would have a cause to pat her son.

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