5 Advantages of Anger


Although anger is mainly attributed to negative reputations, it is advantageous to human conditions in certain ways. Here are 5 of the reasons as to why: 

Anger Drives Optimism

Anger can trigger optimism in a person. When we are angry, we often think of ways to change the situation. It empowers us to take necessary actions to move from undesirable states to desirable ones. Surprisingly, the anger system is geared towards the viable possibilities that we tend to aim to achieve. 

It Enhances Emotional Intelligence

Despite the negative attitudes towards anger, it is incredible that it can enhance emotional intelligence in people. There is greater emotional intelligence in individuals who tend to embrace uncomfortable emotions like anger than those who avoid them. They become more resilient and adaptive to any circumstantial feelings. 

Anger Protects Our Values and Beliefs

Anger serves to indicate and regulate our personal and social values in society. It emerges when our situations do not match with our social values and beliefs. Besides, it helps us correct our differences and change our conditions by embracing desirable values and beliefs. 

Anger Propels Problem-solving

Through anger, we find solutions to the problems we are facing. It is triggered when we find obstructions to our needs, and in so doing, we strive to work through the difficulties to meet our desires. 

Anger is Designed to Promote Survival

When anger is triggered, it allows us to defend ourselves from danger or enemies. It is a way that will enable us to protect ourselves from aggression as it sharpens our focus by becoming extremely vigilant about threats coming our way. It provokes us to quickly and forcefully fight back to defend ourselves. 

Anger is a primal force that, when left unchecked, can be destructive. Yet, it can be a beneficial and powerful instrument that leads to enlightenment when managed and used wisely.

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