See how this Man born cripple founded the Mali Empire (Moral Lessons)


See how this Man born cripple founded the Mali Empire (Moral Lessons)

The fall of ancient Ghana empire paved way for the emergence of the ancient Mali Empire.

We can now summit succinctly that from the ashes of Ghana Empire sprouted the Mali Empire.

However, Mali Empire was previously a small Mandigo State of Kangaba with the capital situated at Jeriba. 

The emergence of Mali Empire and its rise is largely attributed to Mari Jata also known as Sundiata.

He was born cripple and became a subject of scorn together with his mother Sogolon.

History has that when the barrage of scorn and mockery over his disability was terribly much, with determination, he one day miraculously got up and walked.

You would remember Sumanguru who masterminded the final fall of the Ghana ancient Empire?

The same man killed Sundiata's siblings and spared him because of his aforementioned boyhood disability.

As things turned out, Sundiata, the cripple boy, would later wage war against the evil man that murdered his siblings. 

Around A.D 1234, Sundiata who was in exile having been driven away by Sumanguru, joined forces of the oppressed people in Susu empire and staged a war against Sumanguru. 

Sundiata came out victorious and this led to the fully establishment of Mali Empire.

Around A.D 1240, Mali Empire under Sundiata had replaced the fallen Ancient Ghana Empire.

Sundiata from 1240 ruled Mali Empire till 1255. During these fifteen years of leadership, he made sure that the empire was well enough, politically and economically. 

Sundiata also fought wars to extend his territories before his death in 1255.

After his death, there were a series of successors like Mansa Wali, Mansa Khalifa, Mansa Djata and Mansa Gaw respectively. 

After the foregoing successors, the prominent one was Mansa Kankan Musa who ruled from 1307-1337.

He was arguably the richest man in world's history during his time and years beyond.

What are the Moral Lessons from Sundiata's story?

1. Never underestimate anyone. Sumanguru never believed that a cripple boy he spared his life would later dislodge his SUSU Empire and wipe him off.

 If he had killed him when the opportunity presented itself he wouldn't have been killed or watched his kingdom destroy by a boy.

2. There is no limit of what you can achieve. What makes the story interesting is that, it was a cripple boy who would later walk established a great empire read in history books across the world. 

What is your excuse again?