India Covid 19 Pandemic State and why Africa should be worried


India currently Stands second globally on the number of Covid 19 infection cases only bettered by the USA. Their infection tally stands at 19,164,969 with over 3 millions being active, their deaths total to 211,853 while 8,944 are critical patients.

Maharashtra home to Mumbai the economic power hub of India is the hardest hit. Delhi positivity rate has reached a new high of 30% and were reported 1 death in every 4 minutes as per Reuters. Their economic activities have been crippled and their medical facilities overrun.

Despite intervention from the G8 countries they are still in a precarious state since the new variant is double mutant. It spreads easily but difficult for the antibodies to combat.

So why should Africa be worried?

First India is one of the leading medical tourism destination preferred by Africans. With its medical facilities overrun most African patients seeking treatment in India will have to seek other treatment options.

India also is the largest manufacturer of vaccines in the world. Most African countries ordered for the first batch of the Astrazeneca vaccine and need the second batch to complete the vaccination, that might take awhile since India now needs it more.

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