Make Your Own Applications Using Your Phone


This age is an era of massive technological advances and you should keep up with it. You should be able to assimilate and move with the current technology , and doing so is by learning and understanding it.

Today i have yet another chance to show you how you can easily program and run applications at the comfort of your mobile phone. The method specifically deals with android phones for creating android applications.

So first you need to download the ide, this is the environment or compiler for compiling the codes you have written. And I strongly advice the java compiler.

So go to the google play store and download the java ide app. You might find many apps but i strongly advice the one of Kim Jong Un. Make sure you install it after download. When you launch it it will give you an interface for creating classes and interfaces for your applications. You can now program your application and compile it. If you are interested in the tutorials for creating your application you can comment below