Worlds most Creepiest wonders||china's mummy, a place where there is silence and humming

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Good afternoon today i want to share with you some of the most Creepiest wonders of the world.

The devil kettle waterfall is a waterfall on the Brule River. The water falls into a pothole and then continues to Lake superior. But Lake superior only gets half the water that falls down the waterfall. Scientists have no clue where the balance of the water goes. They have even tried to put dye and table tennis balls to see if the water comes out on another lake however there is no sign of it.

Taos hums is a place were people hear slow humming all the time. Residents in new Mexico say they hear humming from a distance that sounds like an engine. Atleast 3 people have committed suicide because they could not bear listening to it any longer.

Lady dais of the Han dynasty was found over 2000 years after her death. It is one of the worlds most well preserved human remains. She was buried in a mysterious liquid which still can't replicate. Her skin was still soft, arms and legs could flex at the joints. She is the worlds most preserved mummies.

Mapimi silent zone is a place in Mexico. You cannot hear conversions with the next person. No communication systems work in the area . The US government tested a nuclear bomb in this area and it failed. Locals say that when two people talk in this area you cannot hear the next person.

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