Ghana’s problem is wicked leadership – Gyampo roars

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A speaker at the University of Ghana Political Science Department Prof. Ransford Gyampo has said Ghana's concerns are because of devilish authority the nation has had throughout the long term.

He expresses pioneers in this nation are all around went however are neglecting to convey on the grounds that individuals they administer are not very much presented to see what's going on in different nations.

"The issue in Ghana is evil authority. Our political elites have administration identifications and they've all gone previously. They've perceived how others have fostered their nations. Yet, have concealed under the shroud of public obliviousness about what relates somewhere else, to do scarcely anything for us," he said in a post shared via web-based entertainment.

Gyampo noticed that Ghanaians anticipated a ton from the result of the 2016 political race however there seems, by all accounts, to be sadness now in light of the fact that "practically every deputy getting ready to make due after conceivable exit, while as yet nursing some tiny any expectation of keeping on".

To Gyampo, despite the fact that a couple of individuals from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) keep on yelling about 'breaking the 8' they don't have the conviction that they can impact the world forever in Ghana's political history.

"Freely, a couple of paint a feeling that a specific EIGHT will be broken yet as a general rule, they are centered more around "pressing" as opposed to overseeing in a way that forfeits the mission for heritage in administration. There's no need to focus on breaking any EIGHT; and there's really no need to focus on pressing for a potential exit. "

Prof. Ransford Gyampo accepts that it ought not be about holding or remaining in power yet rather "It's tied in with administering great and actually releasing assignments rested to serve any kind of future family".

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