Sad news: see what has happened to these two kids.


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This life is always full of unforseen circumstances. Some days back, there have been a lot of reported cases about missing of nurses and children in the country. Some have been found alive, other were found dead, like the one which happened recently in Kumasi. The nurse by the name Annabelle Duah was found dead in Kumasi. These missing cases have been happening lately in the country and the authorities in the country need to wake up and do something about it. According to the information reaching us, there are two kids in Ayikai Doblo-Amasaman in the Greater Accra, Ghana that have been missing for some days now. The names of these two kids are Lordina Ansah and Clebzone. These kids are from the same parents. Lordina is 9 years old and Clebzone is 7 years old. Please follow this article as I showcase the pictures of these kids.

The Parents of these kids are pleased to the general public that who ever come across these two kids should contact any nearest police station or just call the Ghana Police line, that is 911. This is so sad that, these missing thing have been happening in the country recently. And as I said earlier on, the government of Ghana and the Authorities in the country need to wake up and do something about these missing incidents. 

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