These 4 signs show that a girl is a Liability and not an Asset - Reno Omokri


Former Presidential spokesperson, Mr Reno Omokri has shared some tips on how to know a girl that is a Liability in a relationship. As you know, Mr Reno Omokri loves sharing relationship advice and tips to young people, especially those that are not yet married. Mr Omokri on a tweet shared via his official Twitter page stated 4 signs which shows that a girl is a Liability to the person she is dating.

His tweet read:

"4 Signs She Is a Liability, Not An Asset:

After you date her, you must provide data for her.

If she needs to meet you, you must pay transport fare.

Your money goes to her hair, not her head.

She does not speak big grammar, but she has big drama."

Relationship issues is not easy to solve, especially when one party is rich and the other is not. I believe that the reason why some girls are a Liability to their boyfriends or fiance is because they haven't been given the right resources to improve themselves.

What's your opinion on this?