Ni Mrembo Pia Bila Make Up. Vera Reveals Her Rare Photo Without Make up.


Vera Sidika is one of the top Female Socialites in Kenya. Vera Sidika came to the limelight after she decided to live a controversial Socialite lifestyle. Vera used to be a model and later became a video vixen. Later on Vera Sidika shocked the Nation after she came back to the public eye as a white person. Vera Sidika revealed that she had spent millions of shillings for her full body to be evenly bleached.

Vera Sidika later on confirmed that she decided to have silicon implants on her breasts so she could make her body proportional.

After Vera Sidika's dramatic love lifestyle, Vera finally announced to her fans that she has now settled with her best friend Brown Mauzo. Recently Vera Sidika and Mauzo revealed that soon they will be parents. Vera Sidika is currently pregnant with her first born child.

Apart from Vera Sidika being a Socialite, Vera is also a make up artist and a real life artist. Vera is also a CEO and she already owns Vee Spa, Salon and Barbershop. Vera Sidika revealed that she is the one who normally does her own make up. Vera Revealed that she only hires a make up Stylist only when she is doing photo shoots.

Vera Sidika has decided to share some of her looks today without make up and she definitely looks amazing. See Vera Sidika's photos below.