Opinion: Why DP Ruto's Votes Come 2022 Will Not be a Walk in the Park as Communities Seek an Audience With Him


Following the declaration by Deputy President William Ruto to run for the presidential seat come 2022 has irked many supporters and stakeholders to offer support for his quest to become the next President of Kenya.

The Deputy President began earlier his tours in the country seeking support from citizens months way ahead of the slated general election in August 2022. His ambition to clinch the top seat has brought about various communities that want an audience with him. DP Ruto's driving force comes from the phrase "Hustlers" a term used to describe a person working to meet ends on a daily basis. The narrative has spread like a wildfire and it seems people are embracing the concept of empowering the Wanjikus.

His approach to healing the ailing economy is that of the bottom-up economic model that will set to pump in more cash to the small traders in a way to raise the Kenyan economy. This approach has been received well by the United States President Joe Biden who has also embraced the same model.

DP Ruto's garnering votes won't be easy this is because every community wants to be included at the table. The various community has come out with a list of economic demands to Ruto before agreeing to offer support to his presidential bid. Leaders from the communities are holding their cards ready and are spearheading the bargaining of power and sharing of resources.

If Ruto doesn't meet this demand the communities might scatter to another willing candidate who will meet their demands and in turn offer support to his opponent. In 2022 communities have declared to be in the national cake as others have claimed to have been left out for so long.

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