Nale from Big Brother confirms that she is a judge for the Miss Teenager South Africa finale

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She is making major moves

Nale from Big Brother Mzansi is now one of the top contestants who sre making big moves and she is doing it just right. She has taken it to social media to share that she is the final judge to the Miss Teenager South Africa.

Nale is beautiful and a very confident young woman. I believe that she is the right candidate, because these young contestants needs someone young like Nale to look up to.

She does not post or tweet much on her social media pages but she makes big moves and shares with her fans. Her fans are congratulating her and wishing her more opportunities like this.

South Africans fell in love with her a long time ago and they have not stopped supporting her. Nale is more close to Venus who was also contestant on Big Brother Mzansi. Congratulations to Nale.


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