Adze is a firefly vampire that belongs to the Ewes tribe of Ghana, West Africa.


Every society has its vampire myths and legends, and Ghana is no different. The Ewe people of Ghana's Volta Region believe in a vampire named Adze who can assume the form of a firefly. 

Adze feeds on children because he craves the blood of the innocent. Palm oil and coconut water are there other sources of sustenance, and they frequently raid a village's entire stock of these. However, unlike neonates, their diet of palm oil and coconut water does not provide them with the necessary nourishment. If it is not allowed to feed on blood for an extended period, it will go into a blood frenzy.

The Adze can also inhabit a human being. Human sorcerers will sometimes willingly allow an Adze to possess them to benefit from its abilities and powers. They may assume the form of whatever object they like after Adze has inhabited them. 

The Ewes believe there is no way to defend themselves from an Adze. The only way to stop them is to capture them using coconut water and palm oil as bait. They would be forced to take their human form after being captured in their firefly form. These vampires can only be defeated when they revert to their human form.