5 Richest People That Ever Lived On Earth.



It's not surprised that he passed away in 1947, Henry fords the founder of the hugely commercial motor company, he brought the car to the mass market, selling over million vehicles in 1920. Ford was worth the counterpart of $200 billion dollars in today's currencies.


Famous Cornelius Vanderbilt was born into a brawl family in the year 1794. Where he lived in a Staten island, Vanderbilt went from rags to riches. He went ahead in building shipping industries, railroad etc. At his crest Vanderbilt was worth $202 billion dollars in today's currencies after he passed away.


In 2011, the Libyan administrators guessed that the leader gaddafi smuggled away $200 billion dollars in his secret accounts. Gaddafi also stole from the country massive oil revenues, it was recorded that gaddafi was worth $212 billion dollars after he passed away.


He was the first roman ruler of England. Who spends his wealth on tapestries and castles, he also spends his riches on the iconic white tower of London. He invaded famously in the kingdom in the year 1066, William the conqueror seized lands and plundered treasures from Sussex to York's hire, that would be worth $228 billion dollars in today's money.


During the 16th century, jakob fund the rise of the holy roman emperor Maximilian I. As well as bankrolling the Spanish king Charles v. He was the richest man in Europe, who is a banker, merchant and mining pioneer. His wealth was worth $277 billion dollars in today's money.

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