Sony’s latest PS5 firmware can boost your gaming experience

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Sony's new PS5 system software update allows some games to run a little faster, at least in some cases. In a new video from Digital Foundry, it is discovered that the performance increase - affecting both the console's launch model of the 1000 series and the recently released 1100 model revision - appears to be is increasing the execution speed of some games by up to three percentage points. 

 Digital Foundry founder Richard Leadbetter compared performance benchmarks in Control Ultimate Edition and Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition using the previously released PS5 firmware as a benchmark against the update. Updates current system software in September. Video's accompanying framerate footage shows cuts from the DMC5SE and Control's photo mode (which unlocks in-game framerate, limited to 30fps/ seconds during gameplay) is running at oscillation 12fps on PS5 using the new firmware. . 

 During testing, Leadbetter said each game performed 13% faster with 1% margin of error. He added that ray tracing and unlocked frame rates appear to be a "common ingredient" in their appearance. Digital Foundry doesn't mention any other games that have unlocked frame rates below 60fps as the powerful PS5 console doesn't have many. That leaves to be explained the exact power this software update can unlock in PS5 games across the board. 

 While faster performance for games might seem unusual for a hardware-side system update, the new Sony firmware case is just the latest example. Microsoft originally released the original Xbox One in 2013 with 10% of the device's overall GPU processing time being spent on "system processing", leaving space for the required Kinect integration as well as 'for functionality'. jump between hardware apps, Snap mode.

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