Ritual Killings Is On The Rise In Ghana


Ritual killings is on the rise in Ghana because everyone in Ghana now want to become rich and live a lifestyle that the society wants or seems to impress the society.

However, ritual killings have become something common in Ghana lately because of the influence of peer pressure.

Meanwhile, most people think money is everything in this world and do not consider the lives of others as important anymore. Many people are now influenced by money and certain class in the society.

In recent times people want to get rich so quickly and visit shrines to seek for money rituals which comes with a price of human sacrifice.

Some ritualist have ended up killing innocent people for rituals because of the flashy lifestyle they want to live and impress the society and friends.

These are most of the things that have influence on most of the youth in the society who want to become rich without struggling and having easy access worldly things that has led to a lot of ritual killings in Ghana and it keeps rising every now and then.

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