(Opinion) The Old Man got beaten for something he didn't do

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We all know that social media is one of the most used platform daily in the whole world and people really love it.

Social media is used by millions of people daily and it makes things trend and reach a wide audience.a lot of things trend on it like the Videos,Posts and even the news that make headlines like political news.well something's that are posted on the social media platform are really heartbreaking and painful to watch.

Like the Video that recently trended of an old man who was beating for something he didn't do.the old man was just passing by when someone one pulled a phone in a man's pocket and quickly disappeared.when the man turned, he saw the old man passing behind him and he just lost it and punched the old man until he bleeded asking for his phone back.

When the old man explained what happened,the man asked for forgiveness to the old man and said that he thought the old man was a homeless guy taking his chances.he got some serious backlash from social media as some people said that the old man must open a case of assult.

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