Behind the scene on How Raila and ODM party are planning to win all seats in there strongholds

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Through the standard paper, Orange Democratic coalition (ODM) is wanting to secure out different contesters their fortifications mostly Nyanza and Western locales by winning all political seats from MCA to the President.

It is uncovered that ODM is at present planning a procedure to rule in their lawn just as seeking after partners in different locales. It is generally a standard for a political pioneer to acquire tremendous help from his home.

This came not many days after Edwin Sifuna who is the party secretary general reported that they will fill up-and-comers in essentially every one of the provinces in order to help their likelihood of winning administration.

In the event that Every official competitor choose to utilize a similar methodology it implies all free up-and-comers won't be fortunate henceforth impeding popular government, this will likewise cause a great deal of questions during selections as the person who will rule will be a programmed victor.

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