Everytime You Eat in Your Dream, Open Your Bible And Read These Psalms


The foods that you eat in your dream is not good, it is something else that they put in place that makes it look like food in your dream.

Many people were tormented by the wicked with the food in their dream, but if you are a spiritual person you will understand this better.

If you eat rice in your dream it might become stones in your body, and there are some foods which is used to take away the kindness from someone, that is why you see that you are not growing in your studies or your business, you work but do not succeed, it is the power of devils.

There are some foods that if you are eating in your dream you should not be worried about, for example, if you eat yam or bread, you don't have to worry.

Here are the powerful Psalms you should read whenever you eat in your dreams:

Psalm 56

Psalms 27

Psalm 24

Psalm 125

Make sure that you read the psalms into a cup of water, drink it, and God will do wonders in your life.

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