5 Tips To Express Yourself Clearly In Any Situation


You might find yourself in a situation where you need to express yourself clearly and make yourself understood. It might be a job promotion you want that you need to speak up for yourself. It might be that you always feel attacked during debates or you always tend to attack others. Read through some of these tips we have put together and see what you can apply to help improve how you express yourself.

1. When you talk with someone, don’t take it as an argument with the other person instead take it as if you are having a discussion about a topic. If you feel attacked, take it as an attack on the behavior you displayed during the discussion and not an attack on you as a person. This will help you be able to separate yourself from any negativity during the discussion.

2. Take your time before you answer someone. Don’t feel rushed to answer, gather your thoughts and answer as clearly as you can. Fewer words are always better if you can convey the message. This will also help you to improve when you have any explanation/direction to give, your communication will make sense and be easy to understand and follow.

3. Study your audience and how they comprehend information. By knowing what works for who gives you one huge hurdle to get over first.

4. Be clear and direct when you speak. State what you actually see or hear rather than how you feel about it or what you think of it. 

5. If you start to feel heated in a debate, take three deep breathes, gather your thoughts and think about what you’re going to say.

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