Do You Know That This Theory In Advertising Can Help You Expand Your Business?


Do You Know That This Theory Can Help You Expand Your Business?.

As a business entity, you must know how to build a good and healthy relationship with your customers to help you expand your business now or in the future. It's the aim of most businesses to expand and also increase Sales.

Business expansion is not a day job that you can easily Achieve within a period. You need to learn and skills and knowledge about how to go about it. Today, I'm going to teach you how to build a good relationship with your customers, advertise effectively and expand your business using the AIDA Theory in Advertising.

The AIDA stands for ATTENTION, INTEREST, DECISION/DESIRE and ACTION. That is the full meaning of the AIDA Theory in Advertising.

Now let me show you how to apply it.

As a business, you need to get a campaign for your business, with the campaign, you need to get a strategy to arrest the ATTENTION of your potential customers, this means that your message you are sending out there so be catchy and attractive. If you get your content on point, you will arrest the attention of customers to take action.

After you have arrested the attention of these potential customers, you must provide the relevant information to them to find INTEREST in your products and services. This means that the one at the end engaging these potential customers must have all the relevant public relations skills and knowledge to help communicate well.

At the next stage, after you have provided the information to these customers, based on the information they will decide (DECISION) whether to buy the product or not. So the Decision stage of the theory is based on the information provided at the Interest stage.

The last stage is the ACTION stage, this the last stage of the theory whereby customers decide whether to adopt or reject the product based on the interesting information they heard at the Interest stage of the theory.