After begging for his life for hours, see what this notorious criminal did to the police


You have probably witnessed occasions where armed robbers are pardoned and allowed to go free based on the apologies they have rendered to people who they find themselves in their possession. Armed robbers are haunted by the police on a daily basis and they mostly find a way to get away or when unlucky end up in jail.

A sakomono thief who was seized today surprisingly begged for as long as he could. The police realized the man could even be telling the truth when he alleged that he had not eaten and was depleted of energy. He apologized for so long and even started denying that he was not the one the police needed. He revealed that he was not the one and that the police had made a wrong arrest.

It’s great and relieving to know that the Ghana police have wisened up and are refusing to let themselves be fooled by any criminal. When a bag which was found close to the crime scene and believed to be for this thief was searched, it was realized that the man had a few cedis notes and a pistol in it.

He was actually armed and tried his best to hide it from the police. It allegedly took the police about 2 and a half hours to gather enough evidence against the suspect who almost fooled them into believing he was not the one they needed to arrest.

It was also revealed that this robber had been wanted for child kidnapping and it’s only due to chance that he was caught at this very moment.


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